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Why must have a domain name

Domain name is look like your home that if you want people visit to your place so the name of your home could not be repeated. In the article you can see the information about domain name.

The general articles tell us to know that each computer connected together by internet system that web server is also in this system too. If the computer connection is needed IP in stead of the computer name so how domain name is related for.

Actually domain name is the IP address and when we put instead of www.google.co.th is also can go to Google website as well.
Domain Name

The reasons why we must use domain name instead of IP address are:

1. Easy to memorize your website address.

2. The name can be a hint for people know what type of you website is.

3. When you transfer your web server there’s no need to change your domain name

Someone may confuse if they change the server so why they don’t change a domain name. It should be made the same or not? But actually, the domain name is recorded at DNS server where each domain name is controlled and the name used will never be repeated .However, we need to register and pay for your domain name by annually fee. Whenever the user access to your website by put a domain name then DNS server will transfer a signal call to your IP address.

Domain name structure consisted of:

e.g. www.th.easyhostdomain.com

1. Top-level Domain, .com as the example above
2. Second-level Domain, Easyhostdomain as the example above
3. Sub domain, th as the example above

Top-level Domain has set the specific names that are identified as followed:

.mil as in a type of military army
.gov as in a type of government unit
.com as in a type of company or organization
.net as in a type of organization of network provider
.edu as in a type of education institute
.org as in a type of organization, association or independent entity
.xx use 2 characters as an initial country name such as, .th mean Thailand

Extension top-level domains are as followed:

.firm as in a type of general company or firm
.store as in a type of shop or store
.web as in a type of information website
.arts as in a type of activity or traditional and custom event
.rec as in a type of recreation organization
.info as in a type of information provider
.nom as in a type of a general person

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