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Choosing Web Hosting suit to your website.

Choosing Web Hosting suit to your website.
Web Hosting is the space for storing your data such as HTML, picture or applications in a web server which connected to internet all the time (24/7). Web Hosting is the transmitted service for a website to be online on the internet whenever user access inside. Also for the services of e-mail or script using as well.

Before choosing Web Hosting

Before you choose your web hosting provider you should consider what type of your website is in order to suit with your website’s need. Does the hosting is located in your country or other country?

Make sure that who is your target group that you expect them to come in your website. If your customer is come from domestic then you had better choose the Hosting where located in side the country. This is because it can make your website can reached by the customer faster from out side.

The space for storing website data

It must be provided sufficiently with your data used in a website. Normally 5 MB is enough for storing a general business website that contains pictures and data. But if you have a lot of data used such as pictures or document that open for downloading many from your website and each file has a big size, soon you may upgrade to expand more space for your site. Some of hosting providers share the same this space for storing the e-mail data also together with other parts of file in your website space. This may cause your website can be error because of there is no more space available when it is used with e-mail system in the same time. This is important to check from its provider. Before you decide to use e-mail box separated from the space of data storage or not. Actually in case of using it all together you will need at least 15 MB for the hosting space.

- Will there be any using of web programming in your website?

If your website uses web programming for managing Webboard, Mailing list system or database programming you should contact to a hosting provider for make sure what is OS they support. If it is Windows so it can apply with ASP, PHP, Perl. But if it is Unix then it can only use for PHP, Perl. Or the security system you may need the system of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which suit to an E-Commerce website.

What is the best hosting suit to your website?

After you know what you really want to do in your website, then you need to consider how to choose and what are required in your server for hosting.

1. Capability of the server for hosting
You should check and know the hardware assemblies, also what are the capacities of CPU, RAM or Harddisk. Because all these parts will be the heart of its working and the service form the server. If you choose for the less capability of sever, your website may has a slower download speed.

2. The number of customer per server
You should contact to the hosting provider for asking how many of your customer’s domains share the space together in one server. The good hosting provider will have curtain identification about limited user for each server. This is important because the server can support for each user enough smoothly and full working. (Mostly the number of customer per one server will depend on the capability of sever)

3. Fast data-transmission is one of the most important for a good web hosting provider
If your hosting located at ISP where connected to a huge internet line, it can support the data-transmission has more faster to your customer.

4. Data backup system for web hosting
The good data backup system for web hosting should have a daily backup system for protecting error that may occur and your website’s data probably lost. With this system you can recovery data from it for your website again.

5. Bandwidth
Some hosting providers have limited bandwidth from your website, but in some have unlimited bandwidth or follow by the contract identified, such as 1 month per 500 MB of bandwidth or if it’s over from this agreement you may be charged more for the additional bandwidth.

6. The number of available E-mail
Checking for your space weather it has an E-mail service for your website or not and how many of it. By this service you can define the E-mail’s name as your need.

7. After sale and customer support services
After sales service is quite important for considering why you choose hosting provider, you may need to look for 24 hours 7 days online solution support. Most of the users who choose abroad hosting always have a problem with contact to the service provider because of the time working.

8. Price or fee
The charge rate for server monthly fee will depend on the Capability and efficiency of the required server. Some hosting providers offer the cheapest at less than one US dollar till nearly 30 US dollars, many of feature services are offered and entrance set-up fee may be charge when you are new register as well.

All of these are just some of the factors that you can consider to choose a hosting provider for store your website data which is the most significance to think carefully in a first planning because when there is something wrong and it need to transfer data to another hosting then you can face with a terrible and complicated problem. So spend your time with more careful thinking for a long terms is better.

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