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What is CMS?

Meaning of Content Management System

Content Management System: CMS is the developed system designed for decreasing developed resources and website management. Saving for human hiring, time period and money used for building and controlling your website.

Most of this quite takes script languages to use as automatically running whatever PHP, Perl, ASP, Python or other languages (depends on developer’s requirement) which used both of web server program (Apache) and database server (MySQL)

CMS’s outstanding features are Administration Panel which is used for controlling features in a website in order to manage content in a short time and underlining to web inter face in a type of portal system by the example of functions such as, article presentation, web directory, news, headline, weather report, information, FAQs, chatting, forums, download, polls, statistics and other that can be added, adapted and apply to use for matching with its type of website.

Content Management System:CMS

 We must use CMS We must use CMS

The benefit of CMS is good for webmasters and users

1. The ability of template using and designing component which covered all site.

2. Website user can select template by taking a part use with any document or content,
     also easier to manage and reduce website coding.

3. Website user has given interesting to particular in a content more than a design
     and for changing front website figures webmaster just go edit at template, not for each of web page.

4. CMS can make everything easier to build and maintain a website,
     also help to set a task level for website by no need to set up in server directly because it can do through web browser.

5. If Search Engine, Calendar, Web mail and other part that can be added to CMS
     or even finding Plug-in or Add-on to enhance system running will be saved more time to develop website.
  • One of a benefit of CMS is easy to manage contents for both of non professional or professional website user and this reason CSM is now popular among users around the world and continuing develop so far.

  • Why must CMS

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