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What are POP3 & SMTP?

Understand More With POP3 and SMTP

เมนูการใช้งานที่สำคัญPOP3 : Post Office Protocol Version 3

POP is designed for the offline access that is the email is in a server and user can use a supported program for POP accessing remotely to the email. Any email management will be handled in the user's computer only.

Although the limitations of offline access will be the new idea accessing method for POP can use both online or disconnected access, but POP features is ineligible for some needed part and the virtual online access (pseudo-online) the email will not be deleted from the server but not actually in an access online. Because of without accessing protocols to the file system in the server in order to access or change the folder or email status.


SMTP : Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolSMTP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

The internet service provider's server used for sending email to the other, most of them not allow outside party or organization IP use SMTP because it can be a cause of unauthorized used by unknown user and also can make SMTP overloaded from the outsider by without any profit to the organization. For example, which the internet connection provider we are using so then we should use that SMTP provider.

  • It need to setup the program for responding the email, receiving email customization (POP3), sending email customization (SMP), account and password. The POP3 and SMTP we can ask from our email provider while some of them may customize the server as a parameter by POP3 and SMTP servers may use the same or different depends on a provider.

    This program will have one noticeable choice and we select whether to keep the download email in server or not, if you want to keep it you can set the period of storage.

    If you don't want to keep it so when you go out you can't view the old email. Your mailbox can be full and can't receive any email any more if your service provider have no any notification for this case.

    Allowing download email service from provider to the computer by using client email, we called POP3 service ( POP is a protocol and 3 is a POP version)

  • Benefit of the POP and SMTP

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