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Notice about Domain name

Web Hosting In a case of your Domain name expired Web Hosting
1. Active – The domain name is still available not expired
2. Expired – After a domain name expired it still be with registrar for 1 – 45 days or more than this depends on each registrar. Some registrar will wait for renewal but in some of them will advertise for sale an expired domain name. However, most of them will wait for 45 days but the period of renewal a domain name in a regular price may within 7-30 days only, after the domain name will be sold for another profit to registrar. That’s why the registrar gives you a cheaper price and short period so order that to expand most of a time period. When they start to sale a domain name they will change dns of domain on this moment while this domain is not nearly enable to use and point to registrar instead. It could be too much late now to renew a domain in a regular price, the domain status will appear “ClientTransferPhohibited” this mean the client cannot move any more and have to renew with the same provider only. The price may be increased as a time expired. it Depends on the policy for each of registrar.
3. RGP – It has a limited period within 30 days, you can still renew the domain name on these moment. But of course that is not exactly a normal price the status of the domain will be RGP / pendingDelete / redemption / serverHold.
4. Deletion - It has a limited period within 5 days, can’t do anything just wait.
5. Available – This mean a domain is not belonging to any body or are not registered by someone. The top domain name will be registered as quickly as possible after it available to do so. There is one type of order called “Back Order” the customer can ask for a request that they want to get a domain for example, needdomain.com. this domain name has already registered by someone, but a provider offer an extra if you pay for this in advance the system will register automatically after this domain name is available.
Direction: For anybody who are interested in register domain name (from the other) that was expired.
1. Register in a period of 1 – 45 of date after expired by accessing directly to the domain name to see it is for sale or not.
2. Use a service Back Order in a higher price or count the day when will this domain name is available for a normal price.
3. Do not check a domain name status through unreliable website or wrong checking because you may don’t know you are having a competitor for getting this domain.

For your benefit please renew your domain name within 30 days since the date of domain’s expire.

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