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HostPay - Be Your Own Web Host

HostPay is a highly customisable shopping cart for Easy Branches Resellers, allowing you to sell web hosting, domains and add-on products to end users through your website. As well as registering and transferring domains; activating web hosting packages in real time and selling a range of add-on products.

Try HostPay (Demo)

Welcome to the HostPay demo. The demo shows the HostPay Store Front and the End User Control Panel (the control panel your customers would use).

You can access the demo at:
(will open in a new window).

You can also create your own test login information, however please note you will not be able to complete any purchases as we have not setup a payment gateway on this demo.

Username: test@hostpay.org
Password: testtest

Get HostPay Today

HostPay can be installed for FREE on any Linux shared hosting account in your Easy Branches Reseller Professional account.

Sell Web Hosting and Domain Names

Start selling web hosting today!

  • Sell Web Hosting and Domain Names
    Sell Web Hosting and Domain Names

    HostPay allows you to sell and manage thousands of web hosting accounts and domains with very little man power, allowing you to reduce operating costs while at the same time increasing profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Put simply, HostPay is designed to streamline the management and administration of web sites and domains.

  • Sell Web Hosting and Domain Names
    Completely Free for Our Resellers

    HostPay allows the Reseller to compete with much larger companies by offering a one stop, real time, integrated web hosting and domain solution.

  • Sell Web Hosting and Domain Names
    One Click Install

    HostPay can be installed onto any Linux web hosting package located in a Easy Branches Reseller account. Using our OneClick install technology your web hosting business can be selling online in seconds. Now you can compete in the global web hosting market with all the features the very largest web hosts have to offer.

Key HostPay Shopping Cart Features

Sell Web Hosting and Domain Names

Register and Transfer domains in real time.

Activate web hosting packages in real time.

Sell add-ons:- web services, search engine submission and more.

Customer registration system.

Fully branded themes for your business.

Supports PayPal

Key Customer Control Panel Features

Sell Web Hosting and Domain Names

Manage User contact info, security and password details.

Password-less login to eXtend Control Panel for hosting accounts.

Password-less login to Domain Control Panel for domain names.

Let your customers view and download their invoices.

Fully branded themes for your business.

Create your own look and feel or choose one of our many themes.

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