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FAQs Reseller

FAQs Reseller

iPhone Control Panel for Resellers

iPhone Control Panel for Resellers


YesManage your domain names
YesManage all your web hosting accounts
YesLog in to your webmail
YesView the system status updates
YesView your Webalizer analytics statistics
YesOne click install CGI scripts such as WordPress*
YesView your invoices
YesBackup & restore your website
YesConduct a WHOIS search for a domain name
YesSet up scheduled tasks
YesAll eXtend Control Panel features available
Yes...and much more!

As well as looking after your own web hosting you can manage and add new reseller hosting accounts in the Reseller Control Centre using your iPhone. You can also give your own clients the ability to manage their web hosting accounts through their iPhone with direct access to eXtend, completely under your brand.

iPhone Control Panel for Resellers

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